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Magnified Healing® First Phase Master Healer workshop

What is Magnified healing®? 
Magnified healing is a 5th dimensional healing modality focused on healing of self and others. 
Connect with the powerful energies of Kwan yin, goddess of mercy, compassion and master of healing. 
Magnified healing incorporates breath sound movement, sacred geometry and energy for transformation. 
You will receive an initiation with flower essences. A bottle of essence, cd, teaching manual and registered certificate. 
After 11 days of self healing you will be a magnified healing master teacher able to teach and share magnified healing to others. 

I am so looking forward to sharing the beautiful energy of magnified healing with you. For the healing of self, others and the earth. 

Please contact me for further details and bookings. 
Only limited spots available! 
An enrolment form will be emailed to you and a deposit required to lock in your spot :)
Investment: $350 2 full days

Reiki Level 1

What's involved. ...
The history of Reiki 
What is Reiki and how it works 
The benefits 
How we can heal illness 
The Chakra system 
How to perform a Reiki healing 
One on one healing 
Self healing 
And more! 

This course is taught over 2 full days, where you will then be certified to give Reiki healings to family and friends. Reiki level 1 is a prerequisite to Reiki level 2 The practitioner level.
There are many benefits to learning the hands on healing of Reiki such as an increased sense of calm, peace, relief of stress and anxiety, improving sleep and so much more. ...
Are you ready to begin a journey within?

Investment: $295 2 full days
Deposit to secure spot $100
Limited spots available 

Reiki level 2

What's involved...
The introduction of sacred and ancient symbols which intensifies the Reiki process.
Learn to complete distant healings
Develop intuitive abilities
Access your higher wisdom
This is the practitioner level to enable you to begin a professional practice
And more!

This course is taught over 2 full days, with a week gap in between. You will then be certified to practice Reiki in a professional capacity. Reiki level 2 is truly heart opening, and encourages connection and spiritual growth.

Investment: $350
Deposit to secure spot $100
Limited spots available

Reiki 3A and Individual mentorship Master/Teacher training available - contact Julie for information.

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