Life Charting - Julie Knight - Healer, Intuitive guide and Mentor

Hi Julie, just want thank you for the Reiki healing sessions and guidance you have given me thru all this time .
Also I want thank you for the amazing Magnified Healing workshop,it is so powerful and intense ,the energy literary opens your heart and empowers you in such a way that completely integrates all that IT IS into all that I AM. 
It is a privilege to learn it from you and to become a practitioner of this sacred healing ,can wait for the next workshops to come. 
Namaste :) Russkaya 2015

Amazing salt&coconut oil, i have really bad allergy and dry skim at if i don't use it for more than 4 days my allergy starts to come back also the amazing reiki helped me in many ways
Thank you julie Isabella 2015

Julie you are brilliant. I left my first session feeling so light and relaxed. You are truly gifted. Thank you. Naomi 2015

I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Julie and I have to say that my mind was officially blown!! Julie is a very talented and gifted person and I highly recommend everyone do this. Thanks for the experience, it was awesome. Andrew 2015 

I’ve been seeing the beautiful Julie for just over a year now on a semi regular basis and absolutely adore her.
She has a natural gift with healing and is such a gentle soul. When I’m on the table, I have so many different reactions, ranging from pure bliss through to visions, messages and so much more.
Chatting with Julie, is a healing experience in itself. I’ve received so many insights, through her, about myself and various life experiences.
Most of all, Julie provides a caring, safe environment that allows one to really go deep and heal on a level that I’ve not found with others.
I, myself, am a healer and am very particular about who I see - that says it all really. Mel 2016
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